Non-Traditional Learners

50% of school is about English, math, Spanish, physics, history, etc. 50% is organizaiton, learning to learn and think logically, reading intentionally, staying motivated, etc. By focusing on both halves of learning, we are able to help students that other companies are not.

Learning Disabilities

All our tutors have experience with most if not all learning disabilities.


The time constraints and physical exhaustion of sports commitments adds particular challenges to school.

Athletes w/ Learning Disbilities

Paul is a formal collegiate football player with dyslexia who went to UCSB and Harvard. He understands the challenges that athletes with learning disabilities face.

Organizational Issues

Many times a student can "learn" the material just fine, but it is the logistics of managing school that get in the way. We work with students on keep up in school while teaching them how to manage their own life. Learn More


It's hard to stay motivated. By helping students see the value of education in their terms (NOT you'll need it for your future) and helping them see positives around them while tutoring them. We can work with students who are disengaged to reconnect with their own education. Learn More

Life Circumstances

Sometimes life throws you a doozy. Whatever a students circumstances, we can put together a plan that works for them. Learn More

Traditional Learners

So our tutors are great at teaching. If your student just needs help getting ready for a test or prepping for the ACT/SAT, we can provide the highest quality tutoring available. Learn More